14 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2021

While I am writing this article on social media marketing tips for 2021, any of the social media platforms may change its features. Change is a common nature of all the social networks out there. 

The changes of social media are so frequent that you cannot rely on the plans, strategies, and tips which were obtained even several months ago. Because different features on social media are changing on a frequent basis. 

Therefore, if you don’t remain updated with the new social media marketing tips, you will just lag behind others. I am going to demonstrate here 14 social media marketing tips for 2021, which I regard as the must-know ones.

14 Updated Social Media Tips for 2021

Integrate Chatbots on Your Social Media Marketing:

Simply speaking, chatbots are talking software. These are specially-designed software which you can chat with. 

Chatbots are going to bring a boom in social media marketing in 2021. I guess it will be on top of the prevailing trends of social media marketing among the smart businesses in the coming year. 

You can use chatbots for various purposes. 

A chatbot can directly sell your products or services to the customers. 

It collects information about the potential customers’ taste, demand, and other necessary things and then recommends specific products and services accordingly. 

You can use chatbots to make payments in an easy way. Most importantly you can use them for providing customer service 24/7. Chatbots will work for you tirelessly. 

Your human employee may go to the change room or washroom and your customer may knock online at that time. Here, obviously, your employee will fail to provide support to the customer immediately. 

But your chatbot will never go to the washroom! It will serve your customers without any interruption or gaps.

Increase the Use of Video:

You might already have noticed that video has been becoming more trendy on social media day by day. People like to watch a video instead of reading a page of words. Because it takes less effort. 

You know average people are lazy. They are not willing to put more effort into your content.

But there are more specific and factual reasons why I am telling you to increase video along with your social media content. 

Let’s be convinced about why business organizations should use more videos on social media for a better result:  

eyeviewdigital.com  reports that using videos on landing pages increases conversion rate by 80%. 

According to statistics by Forbes, YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. 

There are so many statistics which demonstrate the necessity of using more video for achieving success in marketing. Therefore, you must consider using relevant videos on social media for doing better.

Use Content Generated by Users/clients of Your Business:

You know that your customers are getting more and more complicated in terms of engaging themselves in any business’s social media profiles. 

So you have to update your strategy to motivate them to be engaged in your business’s online activities. User-generated content will make you go ahead in achieving more engagement on social media. 

Come up with options on social media so that users get motivated to share content about your company. Share those content generated by the users on the social media platforms of your business. 

You will notice that the creators of the content are sharing those on their social media profiles. In this way, you will get more leads.

Live Streaming on Social Media, Especially on YouTube:

Live streaming is a great choice for getting the attention of the viewers on social media. Forget the post-production efforts while coming up with live streaming. 

Show the viewers what you are doing in the office to provide them with the best products or services. Show them the environment of your office, the production process, the products and the people who are making things happen. 

Another thing, you can provide customer support through live streaming. This way, your support will be more humanized and no doubt, it will be a really great way of making your customers more satisfied. 

Customers will feel convenient to ask you questions regarding the products or services or any problems arising from those. 

Finally, you will be a lot of steps ahead of your competitors in providing humanized customer support. 

You can use Acquire for providing customer support through video chat. It is usable for your own customized website or WordPress site.

Focus More on Social Media Influencers:

The importance of focusing more on social media influencers is getting more significant gradually. In 2021, You should collaborate with social media influencers for some good reasons. 

Social media influencers can help you to get more engagements on social media. They increase the CTA (Call to Action) rate of your social media marketing effort. Thus, ultimately you can boost sales. 

Influencers on social media have built their trustworthiness. When they talk about your brand, it gets trustworthy too. 

Influencers love to be with their followers. They have the relatability that you can use to spread brand awareness among the social media users. 

This is one of the best ways to get relevant leads. For example, you run a bicycle business. Then you can collaborate with a social media influencer who runs a blog about bicycles and has popularity among social media users. 

It can easily be assumed that most of the followers of this influencer love to ride bicycles and it is their hobby. When the influencer will talk about your brand, his or her followers will get motivated to be engaged with your brand. 

Thus ultimately, you can get relevant leads and boost sales as an end result. 

Social media influencers are seen as icons by their followers. They have the requisite attractiveness which social media users are fond of. This is another aspect of why their followers follow them. 

Capitalize on this aspect and get the attention of their followers.

Be More Transparent Regarding Your Business:

This is the age of transparency. People these days don’t like businesses to pretend to do all the stuff well. 

Sprout Social reports, “81% of people believe businesses have a responsibility to be transparent when posting on social media.” That’s higher than the standards they set for politicians, friends/family or themselves.

In course of time, there might be mistakes in your business. Don’t pretend as if there is no mistake in your business. Admit the truth and fix it as quickly as possible. 

A survey by Smart Insights found, “61% of people say that admitting mistakes is the highest form of transparency a business can display. 

Motivate your clients to share their experiences on your social media profile, may it be positive or negative. If all the reviews and sharing are positive, your potential customers might not take it as transparent. 

Real reviews and experience sharing will increase the transparency of your business. Transparency about your business will boost trust among your prospects.

Integrate New Social Media Marketing Tools to Stand Out:

You have to remain updated with every effective new staff coming to the present as you want to remain ahead of the crowd. Integrating the new social media marketing tools will keep you ahead of many others. 

Keep an eye on the new tools. Are they worth using on your social media marketing activities? Are any of them suitable for your specific business? If yes, just start using them. 

Compare the new tools to the old ones. Are there any new tools with the same functions as the old ones? Are they more effective than the old ones? Yes? Then replace the old tools with the new ones. 

You also need to look for updates of the existing social media tools. Most tools are updated regularly, which brings new features. If you find any update of an existing tool, then try it to see if any improvement is found there.

Keep an Eye on the New Features of Social Media Platforms:

Every social media platform comes up with new features for many reasons. Sometimes they compete with each other. Sometimes they want to improve the customers’ experience. 

New features can give you extra benefits in many ways. Every new feature of social media has its own function and suitability. Check if there is any effective feature on any social media and leverage those if found. 

For example, Facebook added an option of video watching named “Watch”. Social media marketers can use it where it is suitable.

We can see Facebook’s “Stories” feature as another example of social media. Businesses can leverage this. It will show your message on top of the screen of the user. Instagram has also added a feature like this called “Stories Highlights”.

“Broadcast Live with a Guest” feature of Instagram, “Sound Collection” of Facebook, “Lens Studio” of Snapchat, “LinkedIn Video” and “Career Advice” of LinkedIn are several examples of new social media features.

Don’t Generalize in Terms of Different Social Media:

Set different social media marketing strategies for different social media platforms. Generalization in this regard will make your effort a complete failure. Because different social media platforms have their own set of environments. Their users are also different in many cases. 

For example, Instagram users love to share glamorous photos. These users will usually expect nice photos on the social platform. On the other hand, LinkedIn users love to share and read content about career and professionalism. 

So you should keep these settings in mind while preparing content.

Let’s have a look at two major social media platforms and consider how to tailor content for those platforms. 

Facebook is a multidimensional social media platform. You can express your message in various content forms including text, photo, video, and whatnot. This platform’s users belong to the widest group in terms of type and purpose of using. 

Prepare your content for Facebook in a way that people get motivated to engage. I mean you should share content so that people love to re-share it with their friends and family and get interested to a great extent. 

Instagram allows you to be glamorous and funny with the magic of visual content. Prepare your content for Instagram to say stories related to your business interest. Try to get a maximum outcome from your visual content. 

YouTube is totally based on videos. You should consider the fantastic features of YouTube, which are suitable for your business purpose. For example, you can show your advertisement for the first several seconds. 

This is the time when people have much interest in a video. Thus you can get a better result from YouTube.

Integrate Different Social Media Platforms:

Integration among social media platforms will bring about various benefits for your business. First, it will give you an opportunity to manage social media platforms in an easy way. 

Second, you get better insights into your customers from the integration of different social media platforms. You can have a sharper understanding of your customers’ behavior among different social media from a single place. 

It also provides you with the opportunity of seeing their messages, comments, shares and other interactions through integrating social networks. 

Third, social media integration enables you to expand your business networks. It helps you communicate with your customers of all platforms from one place. 

Fourth, social media integration saves your valuable time and energy. It simplifies your efforts on social media. Thus you get more time for other tasks. 

Fifth, you have the option to schedule your social media while integrating social networks. This helps you to post content at the right time although you are not online that time. 

From the discussion above, you might have been convinced about why you should integrate among social media platforms. Now it may come to your mind, how to integrate social networks.

You can integrate and automate social media networks by simply using a tool. There are many tools online, which you can use for this purpose. Take a look at the chart of this link and analyze which one is best for you. 

Read this article and decide which social network you can select for your business. 

Integrate Social Media Activities With Your Website:

It’s not enough only to integrate different social media, rather it’s also important to integrate social media efforts with the website of the business. The integration of social media and the website of your business will ensure more benefits. 

Social media has their own limitations. You cannot demonstrate all your important things on your business website in a more professional way than on social media. 

Once you have a website with a professional view, now is the time to integrate it with social media platforms. This integration will boost your brand awareness and ultimately provide you with more leads and sales. 

Now I should tell you how you can make the integration. You can do it in some ways. Let’s see the must-know ones. 

First, apply social share buttons on your website’s content. It will allow users to share and talk about your content initially published on your website. 

Second, use a “Follow Us” button on your website. The visitors who get interested in your business will get an option to follow your business on social media. Thus you can get an option to reach them later through social media platforms. 

Third, keep an option of “Social Login”. By enabling this option you offer your visitors an opportunity of signing into features without creating an account. 

As a result, the visitors of your website feel more interested in signing into your website’s specific features as there is no hassle of creating accounts. Hootsuite.com reveals that 73% of users prefer to log in to a website with a social login option. 

You can apply social login with this tool

With the help of social login, you can collect numerous data about the user, which you can later use to run more personalized campaigns. 

You can integrate social media activities with your website in more ways like providing a like button, sharing social videos, sharing content on social media profiles and linking it to the website and so forth.

Integrate Social Media Activities With Apps and Email Marketing:

Apps will make it easy for users to enjoy your company’s services in a very easy way. Apps increase loyalty among users. 

Email marketing has been a great way of marketing these days as it has some exciting features. It allows you to directly enter the inboxes of your customers or leads. It helps you to communicate in a more humanized manner. 

Email marketing and social media can together benefit your business to a significant extent. But how can you integrate Email marketing and social media? The answer is that there are many ways to do so. 

An important way is to put social media plugins on your emails so that people can easily communicate with you or get more information about your business. You also can request the recipients of the emails to share the content on their social media profiles. 

Think Quality and Frequency of Content Posting:

Quality or quantity? If you want to succeed on social media, you have to think of some factors before prioritizing quality or quality. 

Which social platform is suitable for your business’s purpose? Is that about formal content or funny ones? What type of users are there in that social media platform? You must consider these basic factors while preparing content. 

If you are using LinkedIn, then you have to come up with something professional. On the other hand, you can post funny stuff on Instagram. The frequency of posting will also depend upon these factors.

Keep Your Message Short and Catchy:

Social media users don’t come to your social media profile to conduct research on climate change. They don’t have the time and patience for reading a long text or watching a long video whereas it is an advertisement. 

Rather, people have less patience for having a glimpse of your content. So make sure that the content you are going to publish is short and catchy enough to attract the attention of social media users.

The Final Talk:

Keep a sharp eye on the changes of social media and update your strategies and operations accordingly. 

Follow all the social media marketing tips for 2021, described here and if you find any more ideas effective, let me know in the comment section.

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