Social Media Marketing Definition and How to Do It

Social media marketing has been a buzzword for many days. Learn the definition and how you can do social media marketing in this digital age. Let’s go!

What is Social Media Marketing? A Strategic Definition of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the marketing of products or services, which is accomplished with the use of social media. In other words, the term social media marketing refers to the techniques and ways through which marketing is performed on social media. 

It helps companies reach and engage customers in an interactive way. It is also called ‘social network marketing’. 

Social media marketing comprises ample staff. Let’s go through the basics of social media marketing. 

Importance of Social Media Marketing: 

Statistics show that “The number of social media users worldwide in 2018 is 3.196 billion, up 13 percent year-on-year”. So your customers are living on social media; but if you don’t go there with your products or services, then others will not wait. Hence, you must conduct social media marketing to grow your business. 

Here I enlist some other notable reasons why you should consider social media marketing for your business. 

i) Build Brand Awareness: 

Social media helps you to stand out as a brand. It gradually establishes your brand among your potential customers. So think of personalizing your brand with social media. 

ii) Communicate Authority: 

People nowadays search for products, services, and information online and go to the social accounts of selected businesses to communicate with the authority. 

iii) Show Authenticity: 

Social media marketing shows authenticity to your customers through responsiveness and interactivity. 

iv) Provide Support: 

Since you are conducting social media marketing, you easily can provide various support to your customers in an easy and efficient way. 

v) Connect With the Prospects Anytime: 

Your customers will not read your advertisement in the newspaper at midnight. You cannot connect with your potential customers anytime with old media. Here comes the benefit of social media. You can connect with them anytime. 

vi) Build Relationships: 

Social media marketing builds relationships between your business and customers. This relationship will have an immense impact on your business. 

vii) Ensure Visibility: 

Social media marketing ensures continuous visibility through social networking sites. 

viii) Connect Anytime: 

Be online on social media, be on the mind of your customers; do not let them forget about you. 

ix) Cost-Effective: 

Social media marketing seems to be the most cost-effective way of marketing as it comes up with many returns while the cost is comparatively very low. 

x) Engage With Your Customers: 

Engaging with your customers is very easy with the help of social media marketing. Social media marketing helps you know your customers’ interest, wishes, and expectations. You can get all these by engaging with them. 

xi) Better Customer Satisfaction: 

Customers feel satisfied with your company as they get personalized information from you through social media. This happens when you send them a personalized reply to the customers’ message or comment or any other time when you communicate with them. 

xii) Explore Yourself/Your Business With the Eyes of Customers: 

On social media, customers come up with comments about businesses. They also discuss independently on their own accounts. This can help you know what others think about your company. It is really a great opportunity. 

xiii) Social Media Marketing Boosts Site Ranking: 

Social media marketing boosts the ranking of your business website. Thus it makes your online marketing go ahead. People go to the website of your company through social media and the site gets more traffic. This way the ranking of the website gets boosted. 

xiv) Audience Analysis: 

Audiences who have been communicated through social media can be analyzed. Here you can easily identify your customers and leads and then analyze them for making your future marketing more rewarding. 

xv) Build Trust: 

Social media builds trust, especially its interactivity. Communication through social media builds trust among the customers and leads. 

xvi) Social Media is Interactive: 

Social media ensures two-way communication and thereby makes the communication process effective. Unlike the print media or Television media, social media offers interactivity. There was no quick way to send feedback to the communicator in the age of television or printed newspapers. Social media has enabled quick feedback. Not only feedback, but leads and prospects can also communicate as a first communicator or sender through social media. Thus the communication process has been interactive, hence effective. 

xvii) Just Connect With Your Target Audiences, Not Others: 

Social media marketing has the capacity to connect with the target audience, not with all the people a media reach to. For example, you can set the location, age group, gender, and other demographic variations so that you can connect with the proper audience. 

How to Do Social Media Marketing:

Let’s get the way to do social media marketing below. 

Analyze Your Business, Products, Services, Capability and Social Media Presence: 

This is just “Know thyself”. Once you analyze your business, products, services, capability and social media presence; you will get a better insight into what your business is and what you need. 

Investigate the Current Market Scenario and Your Competitors:

Knowing the market scenario will help you set the right goal for your social media marketing effort. It will give you a real picture of the market. 

Set Your Goal and Mission: 

This step is very crucial in terms of the effectiveness of your social media marketing effort. If you cannot set the right goal, you cannot measure the effectiveness of the social media marketing initiative. So think of what you want to achieve through social media marketing.  

Fix Your Target Customers and Analyze Them:

Select the target customers who might be interested in the products or services you offer. Analyze them paying attention to different angles. This will help you create the right content for the customers. 

Choose a Social Networking Site:

Now is the time to choose a social networking site for the purpose of social media marketing. Take all the above steps into consideration while choosing the site. Do not respond only to your taste. 

You may like to be on Twitter for a long time every day. But, do your customers use Twitter that much? If they don’t spend time on Twitter, then don’t select it, though you like it. To sum up, take the reality into consideration, not your emotion.

Create Exciting, Catchy Content:

Poor content can make all of your social media marketing efforts a failure. Create suitable content that will attract your potential customers. 

Start your social media marketing campaign with customization: Now you can go for the key stage. Go ahead, start your social media marketing campaign. 

Analyze Your Social Media Marketing Effort With Efficient Tools:

Collect and analyze data from your social media marketing job. This will make you go ahead in planning for the next initiative of social media marketing. 

Plan for the Next Social Media Marketing Initiative:

Now you have learned a lot of staff regarding social media marketing. You have got the idea how much you can get from social media. By this time, you might have known what you need to do, and how to do.

Select the Best Social Networking Sites for Social Media Marketing:

People use a number of social media every day. You have to choose the right social media according to your social media marketing strategy. 

Before selecting a social networking site for marketing of your business, you have to consider different factors. Unless you select the right social networking site, the social media marketing may not achieve success to its best extent. Let’s have a look at some of the compelling social networking sites for social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing on Facebook: 

According to data released by Facebook on July 25, 2018, Worldwide, there are over 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users for Q2 2018 (Facebook MAUs) which is an 11 percent increase year over year. So you can consider this for your social media marketing campaign. 


According to statistics by, YouTube is the second big social media platform. The video-based social site has generated an organic trend among internet users. You can choose this platform if your target customers use it. 


While selecting Instagram for your social media marketing, you have to keep in mind that this is a photo-based social site. People love to share photos through this site. You will hardly get very serious content on this platform. It basically expresses glamour through photos. Therefore, you have to choose it considering the nature of the site. 


Twitter is popular especially among celebrities, famous figures, and their followers. Twitter can also be a nice tool for social media marketing. 


Unlike most other social networking sites, LinkedIn is a platform for basically the professionals of all fields. You can get serious content here. If your product or service is related to training, education or career development; LinkedIn can be the best platform for your social media marketing. 


There are so many social networking sites to consider. WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, Qzone, Tik Tok, Sina Weibo, Reddit, Baidu Tieba, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Line, Telegram are some to name first. Each social site has its own set of features making it unique from others.

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