Digital Marketing Career Scope and Future

Planning to develop a career in Digital Marketing and therefore want to know Digital Marketing career scope? To answer your query in one word, I would say, the scope is “enormous”. 

The Manifest reveals that the change in marketing in the past 2 years is more than that in the previous 50 years. This is nothing but the essence of Digital Marketing. 

Companies are gradually increasing their budget on Digital Marketing to cope up with the digital world. This is ultimately magnifying the scope and its future. 

Let’s dive into details about where the scopes of Digital Marketing lie in. 

1. Organizations Don’t Have the Scope of Avoiding Digital Marketing:  

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a developed country, developing country or underdeveloped country; Digital Marketing has been a priority for marketing of products and services in today’s world. 

According to Smart Insights, 51% of organizations say that they have a Digital Marketing strategy either integrated into overall marketing strategy or in separate documents. What do you think about the other 49% of organizations? Are they avoiding Digital Marketing? 

No. Other 49% of organizations are also using Digital Marketing. But they don’t have a defined Digital Marketing strategy. That means 100% of organizations have been applying Digital Marketing for selling their products and services. 

Think about your locality if you are a city dweller. You will notice that even the small shops don’t avoid Digital Marketing, let alone the big corporations. 

So, it’s clarified that organizations conduct Digital Marketing. But how will they conduct Digital Marketing if they don’t recruit Digital marketers like you? 

Yes! Organizations are looking for personnel like you who can do Digital Marketing for their organizations in an efficient way. Are you still concerned about career scope? Go through the entire article.

2. Career Segments for Digital marketers: 

Digital marketers these days enjoy a great variety of jobs in various organizations. Being a Digital Marketing specialist, you can expect the following job segments: 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

Companies are now very much conscious about ensuring their brand’s visibility on search engines. So, SEO experts have great career opportunities in almost all types of organizations. 

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 

Search Engine Marketing has become a great career in online marketing. Companies are searching for SEM Managers for getting potential customers from the search engines through paid ways. 

  1. Content Marketing Jobs: 

Content marketing is a crucial part of online marketing. If you don’t have quality content, you cannot gain the ultimate success in most cases. 

According to, US marketers spent more than $10 billion on content in 2016. What about the global market of content marketing? PQ media’s global content marketing forecast 2015-19 says “content marketing is set to become a $313 billion industry in 2019.” 

So, you can easily assume the demand for content marketers. 

  1. Email Marketing Jobs: 

Nowadays, organizations like to prepare and send newsletters through email. Here lies the demand of email marketers. So, learn email marketing skills to get a Digital Marketing job. 

  1. Brand Management Jobs for Digital Marketing professionals: 

Brand management through online activities has been proved to be very crucial for organizations in this age of the internet. So there is job scope for the brand marketers in the market. 

  1. Social Media Marketing Jobs: 

Organizations pay much attention to social media as they know that their potential customers are roaming around online through social media. reports, almost 90% of marketers say that their social media marketing efforts have helped their business. It also claims that 44% of local businesses depend on social media to generate brand awareness and 41% depend on it to drive revenue. 

So, there is a huge career scope in the social media marketing segment. These updated social media marketing tips will help you explore the latest trends in social media marketing. 

  1. Analytics Manager Jobs: 

Companies have a crucial requirement of analytics managers for analyzing their Digital Marketing efforts. Proper analysis helps businesses measure the success of Digital Marketing. This also helps companies to prepare further plans in the right way. 

  1. Customer Relationship Management Jobs: 

Customer relationship management through online efforts is very important for business organizations. No modern company will avoid conducting customer relationship management through online platforms. 

  1. Digital Agency Account Manager and Sales Director: 

Worried about the scope of digital marketing and its future? Or want to ask the question “is Digital Marketing a good career?” Let’s get rid of confusion about Digital Marketing careers with real magic! Search on with the query “Account Manager Digital Agency”. You will find Account Manager jobs there. Sales Director is another position which is getting common in Digital Marketing agencies like Success Gainer

  1. Copywriter: 

Companies are seeking skilled copywriters to spread their stories online. Want to get real examples of copywriting jobs? Search on with the Keyword copywriter and get some ideas on how these jobs may be. 

  1. Digital Marketing Manager: 

Digital Marketing Manager position is one of the most crucial positions among Digital Marketing jobs. Normally this position covers a very wide range of responsibilities as it is a generalized position. 

  1. Web Manager: 

Web manager is another important position for Digital marketers. As the title of the position utters, Web Managers manage the website of the employers for ensuring smooth online presence throughout the year. 

  1. E-commerce Manager: 

As e-commerce businesses are increasing in all countries including the developing and underdeveloped ones, the requirement of skilled personnel for e-commerce management has been on the rise as well. So this is another avenue where Digital marketers can contribute. 

  1. Social media Monitoring and Digital PR Jobs: 

It has been a necessity for giant companies to monitor Digital platforms like social media. Larger companies are experiencing numerous issues on these platforms. Therefore, they now need to address these issues in an effective way so they can maintain their positive image online. 

So, companies first need to know what people are talking about them on social networking sites. They also should know and analyze what is going on in social media concerning a certain industry. And, here lies the significance of social media monitoring. Companies should also perform web monitoring for the same reasons. 

Digital Public Relations must go hand in hand with Digital monitoring. Companies have to communicate with people in the right way to address different issues on Digital platforms. 

They need Digital Marketing experts like you for doing all the above. So don’t be confused about the Digital Marketing career scope. Rather, get prepared to enter the world of a Digital Marketing career. 

3. Salary in Digital Marketing Career: 

One of the things that can make you concerned about a Digital Marketing career is salary in a Digital Marketing career. 

“Payscale” reports, “The average yearly regular payment of Digital promoting managers within the USA is $64,565.”

Digital Marketing salary in an Indian company named Ovinav Outsourcing ranges between Rs. 22,000 to Rs. 41,000 per month, according to However, salary varies from position to position and organization to organization. 

4: Future of Digital Marketing Career: 

  1. Internet users are increasing:

The demand for Digital Marketing skills has always been on the rise. Since the internet users are gradually increasing every year, it is easily assumed that companies will focus more on Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Institute claims the world is going to see the shortage of Digital Marketing job seekers as there will be more jobs than job seekers.  

  1. Statistics asks you to be hopeful about Digital Marketing career scope and its future: reports, SEO jobs alone are getting 43% increase year over year while content marketing jobs are increasing 33% year over year. That means Digital Marketing jobs are on the rise to a significant extent. 

  1. Companies spending more in Digital Marketing: reports, CMO survey, conducted in August 2018, shows that 44 percent of the total marketing budget of the companies is spent on digital marketing. This spending is expected to reach 54 percent in 5 years. 

Budget on social media marketing is now 13.8 percent, which increased 4 percent over the past year. It is expected to increase by 22.9 percent in 5 years. 

Mobile marketing budget estimates 9.4 percent and it is expected to double in the next 3 years. 

Digital marketing spending has increased by 44 percent last year in the USA. 

99 percent of respondents of a survey said that they planned to increase their budget on “at least one” Digital Marketing channel in the next year (Survey by The Manifest). 

5. DM Career Scope in the USA and Other Developed Countries: 

It is obvious that the USA and other developed countries have built the necessary infrastructure for the IT industry since the evolving of it. Therefore, these countries have traveled a long way of Digital Marketing. For the same reason, the career scope in Digital Marketing is sky-high in these countries. 

(We will soon publish research concerning the scope of Digital Marketing careers in developed and developing countries. This research will be summarized in this Article. So please subscribe to our blog to get the updates. Contact us for updates) 

6. Career Opportunity in Bangladesh, India and Other Developing Countries: 

Digital Marketing has been moving forward very fast in developing countries like Bangladesh and India. Indeed, the whole world has embraced Digital Marketing as it is the demand of the era. 

7. Advantages of Digital Marketing Career: 

Digital Marketing careers are different from conventional career segments. Those who build a career in Digital Marketing, enjoy a wide range of advantages. Let’s discuss the key advantages of a Digital Marketing career. 

  • High demand for Digital Marketing professionals worldwide: 

There is a shortage of skilled Digital Marketing personnel. The high demand for Digital Marketing professionals ensures a handsome salary, job security, and dignity. 

  • Diversity in career: 

A Digital Marketing professional has the opportunity of enjoying various job roles throughout his or her career. Because, in a Digital Marketing career, there is a huge diversity of roles or responsibilities. You can focus on the roles that you want. 

  • Healthy salary from the beginning compared to other jobs: 

Compared to other jobs, Digital Marketing jobs get you a better salary. 

  • A career without a relevant Degree: 

Most other jobs require you to have a relevant Degree. Digital Marketing is quite different from other career options in this regard. If you can convince the employer that you have the required skills, then you will get the job. Lack of Degree will not hinder you. 

  • Work from home and other flexibility:  

In some cases, you can enjoy working from your own home without going to the office regularly. Flexible working hours at the office is another advantage of some Digital Marketing jobs. 

  • Self-branding opportunity: 

A self-branding opportunity is a great option for digital marketers. It enables you to attract potential employers online. You can conduct self-branding through social media, blogging and other media. 

  • Digital Marketing takes away your physical effort: 

In conventional marketing, you had to go door to door to sell certain products. But in Digital Marketing, you can sell products just sitting on your chair with the help of your laptop or even phone. 

8. Digital Marketing Helps You Create Self-Employment: 

Digital Marketing career helps you create self-employment with very low or no investment. You can earn money in numerous ways online through Digital Marketing. So, it is not necessary to have a job in an established company if you can gain the required set of skills and utilize them properly on your own.

The Final Talk: 

As you can see Digital Marketing career scope is enormous and its future is vividly bright, you can consider developing a career in Digital Marketing. There is a deficit of skilled personnel in the industry compared to the requirement by the employers. 

And, it is hopeful for you that this gap (the gap between the supply of skilled personnel and the need) is increasing very fast. For this reason, salary is increasing alongside the rise in need of Digital marketers. 

Now, what to do? Get ready to get into a Digital Marketing job. How to get prepared?

If you are really planning to develop a career in Digital Marketing, go through this step by step guideline on how to get a Digital Marketing job

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