Can Digital Marketing Make You Rich?

Recently one of my friends had asked a question on Facebook. He asked, “Can digital marketing make you rich?” 

As a digital marketing practitioner, I answered with a BIG YES. 

Because I know digital marketing can make you rich. 

Though the word rich is very subjective.

For you, it might mean earning a decent amount of money where you do not need to worry about your bills or it might mean earning millions or billions of dollars where you can lead an extravagant lifestyle.

Whatever your definition of rich is, digital marketing can surely get you there.

I know you are thinking how can it make you rich? Don’t worry, I am giving you everything you need to know about digital marketing to become rich.

As a digital marketer, you will provide many important services. For example SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

You can either learn all the important sub-sectors of digital marketing or specialize in one particular sub-sector.

There are many different ways to become rich with digital marketing. 

Here you will learn 7 ways to become rich with digital marketing.

7 Ways to Become Rich With Digital Marketing

  1. Start a digital marketing career
  2. Become a Freelance Digital Marketer
  3. Start your own digital marketing agency
  4. Become a digital marketing consultant
  5. Coach people 
  6. Do affiliate marketing
  7. Grow your own business with digital marketing
Can Digital Marketing Make You Rich?

1. Start a Digital Marketing Career:

You can start your digital marketing career in a company. There are many companies that are in desperate need of people like you.

The average salary of an in-house digital marketing professional in the USA is $60,132 /year.

The salary also depends on the range of service the employee is providing. 

If you are providing a variety of digital marketing services, the payment will be higher and if you are providing more niched services like just social media marketing or just SEO, the salary will be lower.

Whatever the case is, you might not become super-rich doing digital marketing as an employee but with the salary, you can maintain a decent lifestyle.

2. Become a Freelance Digital Marketer:

You might not like a regular 9 to 5 job. Some people prefer to work freelance, operating from home at their preferred time. You might be one of them.

Freelance digital marketers do not have the comfort and security of a fixed salary but the earning opportunity is higher.

With freelance digital marketing, you can provide services to multiple companies where with a traditional digital marketing career you will get stuck with one company paycheck.

Although the freelancing field is highly competitive, if you can get good at it you can earn up to 4-5 figure USD a month. 

You can lead a solvent life with that much money.

3. Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency:

You have a certain time and energy in a day. As a result, there is a limit to how many clients you can work with freelance.

By establishing a digital marketing agency, you can provide a wide range of services and can work with hundreds of clients at a time. It will enable you to make a lot of money.

Some digital marketing agencies earn millions of dollars each year and this is true for almost every country. 

So, if you want to become very rich like the millionaires, owning a digital marketing agency will get you there.

However, running an agency is not an easy thing. You need to manage multiple teams and other official things that can be very hectic sometimes.

4. Become a Digital Marketing Consultant:

If you become popular in the digital marketing industry, companies and even digital marketing agencies would want to hire you for your consultancy. 

Big personal brands like Gary Vaynerchuk or Neil Patel charge high amount of dollars per hour for their consultancy. 

If you can position yourself as an expert on digital marketing or even in a particular sub-sector of digital marketing, you can also earn a great deal of money with it.

To become rich doing digital marketing consultancy, dedication is highly required.

5. Coach People

You can become a digital marketing coach and impact many people’s lives. Digital marketing is currently one of the most in-demand skills. If you can establish yourself as an expert, hundreds or even thousands of people would want to learn from you.

Many coaches even charge up to thousands of dollars depending on their reputation. If you can become a good coach on digital marketing, your earning potential is limitless.

6. Do Affiliate Marketing:

If you have a website or a blog that generates a good amount of traffic, you can sell other people’s products on your website or blog and get a commission from it. 

This is called affiliate marketing.

You can do affiliate marketing using social media and Youtube channels as well. 

If you have a Facebook or an Instagram page with a good number of followers or a Youtube channel with many subscribers, you can sell other people’s products to many of your followers/subscribers using your affiliate link and earn a good amount of commission.

To build a high audience site/page/channel, you need the help of digital marketing.

The potential of earning money from affiliate marketing is huge. But it requires a lot of patience.

7. Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing:

It is not necessary that your business has to be directly linked to digital marketing. You can do any business but in order to make money, you need to generate sales.

Digital marketing can help your business to maximize sales on digital platforms. Especially in this era, you cannot just depend on traditional marketing. 

After Covid, people got more used to shopping online. For that reason, taking digital marketing service is now not just a luxury but a necessity. 

With the help of digital marketing, you can increase your sales by a big margin, and the more you sell the richer you become.

Which Option Should You Choose to Become Rich With Digital Marketing?

Can Digital Marketing Make You Rich?

Here we have discussed 7 ways to become rich with digital marketing. You might be asking yourself, which one to choose? 

Yes, everyone would love to be a millionaire but you need to take a deep breath and ask yourself how rich do you really want to get? 

After finding the answer to that question, you have to read the article again and shortlist the options that will get you to your desired income.

You need to be very self-aware too. If you like security and stability, having a 9 to 5 digital marketing career can be a good choice for you.

If you like to work from home and do not like to work on your own time, you can choose freelance digital marketing.

If you want to set up an agency, you need to make sure that you have good leadership and can take the stress.

In order to choose the path of affiliate marketing, you need to have good patience.

I hope this helps you in your journey to becoming rich with digital marketing.

Adib Faisal: The Author

Adib Faisal is a digital marketing practitioner and enthusiast. He loves to help other enthusiasts to learn and grow with him.

Can Digital Marketing Make You Rich? - By Adib Faisal

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